Due to Toner-Bomb All UPS Stores now need IDs to Ship

Starting today, shipping giant UPS is requiring customers who ship packages from one of its retail outlets to present a government-issued photo ID.The policy applies to all UPS and Mail Boxes Etc. locations around the world, the company announced.The change comes with the busy holiday shipping season in full swing, and follows the security scare in October — when explosive materials were discovered in printer cartridges headed for the U.S. via American cargo carriers.

UPS says if it can't verify a would-be customer's identity, it won't ship that person's packages.It adds that:"Valid forms of identification in the U.S. include a current state-issued driver's license or Department of Motor Vehicles ID card, U.S. or foreign government-issued passport, U.S. Permanent Resident card, U.S. military identification or a Native American Tribal photo identification card. Qualifying documentation may vary by country at international retail locations."

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