First laser printer with China-owned rights put into production

The Guangdong-based SEINE Company announced on Monday that it had developed China's first laser printer with independent intellectual property rights and has put it into mass production. This means China is the world's fourth country with the core technology to produce laser printers.

The printer is named "Bentu" in Chinese, which means "constant progress." The information security mode is embedded in the design and it is characterized by its efficiency in both power and toner consumption. Quality eco-friendly material is used to make the printer. There is no ozone emission in the process of printing. It costs 40 percent less cartridge and 11 percent less waste toner during and after printing compared to similar types.

According to the company, it is customized for Chinese users' demand for cost and information security. The cost of using Bentu is 30 percent lower than ordinary products.

The company specializes in toner cartridges for laser printers. In 2007, China's leading PC maker Lenovo became its strategic partner by investing in the company.

By Li Jia,People’s Daily Online

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