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Xerox to Invest $25 Million to Expand N.Y. Toner Plant

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Xerox Corporation will invest $25 million in the coming year to expand its EA Toner plant to handle the increasing worldwide need for chemically grown toner used in Xerox printers and production presses. The project will increase Xerox’s manufacturing capacity of EA Toner by 50 percent at the company’s plant in Webster, N.Y.The current emulsion aggregation (EA) Toner plant opened in 2007 and features more than 20 miles of pipe and stainless steel tanks that produce billions of micron-sized toner particles. Originally constructed for $60 million, Xerox’s total capital investment in the toner plant will now reach...

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Due to Toner-Bomb All UPS Stores now need IDs to Ship

Starting today, shipping giant UPS is requiring customers who ship packages from one of its retail outlets to present a government-issued photo ID.The policy applies to all UPS and Mail Boxes Etc. locations around the world, the company announced.The change comes with the busy holiday shipping season in full swing, and follows the security scare in October — when explosive materials were discovered in printer cartridges headed for the U.S. via American cargo carriers.UPS says if it can't verify a would-be customer's identity, it won't ship that person's packages.It adds that:"Valid forms of identification in the U.S. include a current...

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First laser printer with China-owned rights put into production

The Guangdong-based SEINE Company announced on Monday that it had developed China's first laser printer with independent intellectual property rights and has put it into mass production. This means China is the world's fourth country with the core technology to produce laser printers. The printer is named "Bentu" in Chinese, which means "constant progress." The information security mode is embedded in the design and it is characterized by its efficiency in both power and toner consumption. Quality eco-friendly material is used to make the printer. There is no ozone emission in the process of printing. It costs 40 percent less...

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