Due to Due to Managed Print Services Consumable Sales Drop Worldwide

“It is a well known fact that managed print services are gaining share of the US and Western European office environments,” commented John Shane, Project Manager and Director at InfoTrends. “Our most recent forecasts show MPS will control 28% of the US office environment print volume and 22% of the Western European office environment by 2014. However, there wasn’t a clear understanding of how MPS would impact the market for supplies – until now.”

InfoTrends study entitled Managed Print Services: Impact on the Supplies Market, takes an in-depth look at the impact of MPS on the supplies market. It addresses the following key objectives:

  • Measure the overall impact on print volume, paper use, and associated supplies consumption, including the increased duplex printing and the double impact on paper
  • Understand and forecast any shift to non-OEM consumables and that impact on overall aftermarket and OEM share
  • Identify the disruption of current distribution channel dynamics
  • Identify how and why supplies decisions are made under an MPS engagement
  • Understand the impact on toner, ink, cartridges and paper

“When compared with a baseline forecast that postulates if MPS was never invented, we see that MPS will reduce the consumption of marking supplies by 10% (6% in Western Europe) and paper by 7% (5% in Western Europe) by 2014,” continued Shane. “It is imperative that those in the supplies industry educate themselves on how to deal with the effects of MPS to take advantage of new opportunities and mitigate risk.”

In conducting this study, InfoTrends deployed Web-based questionnaires to 300-user organization who have adopted MPS and 150 MPS providers. In addition, in-depth interviews were conducted with respondents from the user and provider surveys to color the answers and probe on more intricate issues. The regions covered were the United States and Western Europe. The reports can be purchased individually or as a package.

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